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This isn’t your typical lifestyle blog…this is the Vauxon Record. There is no limits to what will be discussed. And there will be a premium on showing you how to make the best of every situation

Sit back and buckle in because our life is going on the record.

The Vauxon Record will touch on everything like lifestyle tips, travel, food & drink, to commentary on current events…both world and local. Our goal is to share knowledge and be a source of fun and frivolity. If we happen to impart some knowledge, then we will consider this project a great success! There is no limit to what you can do, if you just think outside the box a little. The Vauxon Record hopes to show you how easy that is to do with just a tiny bit of thought.

While based in Ontario Canada, there is no limit to our reach


When the pandemic hit Canada in March of 2020, there was a lot of uncertainty, doubt and fear. At the beginning, there was love and support. For our neighbours, front line workers, your family. Frustration soon took over as we were locked (figuratively, of course) in our homes. The anger quickly followed. Many people gravitated towards negative thoughts, actions and words. It didn’t need to be that way.

Too many times, people let the negativity consume them and it had an effect on all aspects of their lives. It was easy to sit on the couch and wallow in self-pity as two weeks turned into two months, and finally in to two years.

A simple change in your mindset could have made an entirely different outcome to your life.

Learning to cook new cuisines. Taking up an instrument. Teaching yourself to paint. Themed movie nights. Decorating the house, just because. Getting back in touch with a love of vinyl. Those were a few of things that changed the narrative of the pandemic at The Vauxon Record. By not allowing the negativity to creep in, and looking at fresh ways to do the same things, it really allowed a new perspective to take hold. Suddenly, being stuck at home didn’t have to be so bad.

We hope to share with you some of the ideas to turn the mundane into something more. So sit back and explore with us. You may just learn something new, and laugh while doing it.

A bit of what you will find at The Vauxon Record

Food & Drink

All recipes, whether they be a meal or a cocktail, were all developed or modified in house. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but in reality it comes from within. If you want to pull yourself out of rut, experiment in the kitchen or at the bar


Again, all photo are taken in house. We will never call ourselves photographers, there is too much respect for the professionals to do that. But we do have cameras and we like to use them. And sometimes we get lucky. Ask us about ordering prints of anything you might like.


One thing that took a hit during the pandemic was certainly travelling. But one thing we learned: you can find fun in your own backyard if you look hard enough. As things began to open back up, so did the possibilities. While sticking to mostly local destinations, The Vauxon Record ventured out to explore and learned that sometimes you don’t need to travel far to experience something great.


Everyone needs a creative release. The Vauxon Record dabbles in everything from creative writing, to painting, to home arts and crafts. It keeps the mind sharp and the fingers nimble.


All of this ties into the Vauxon Record lifestyle. The way you live your life is your lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you have to follow trends. You can blaze your own trail and create your own lifestyle. The Vauxon Record will give you tips on how to think outside the norm to create your own normal, or just a behind the scenes look at our lives.


You have thoughts and opinions. Guess what? So do we! And in the commentary section you will get a chance to read them. It could range from world-wide topics, to something hyper-local. We love to here feedback, so please comment on anything you read. Both positive and negative welcomed, just be respectful!