A collection of images on a table for the photography page

Photography is only a hobby. We aren’t photographers we are just people with cameras that sometimes get lucky with a good shot. The majority of this photography was shot on an iPhone using Moment lenses, but sometimes just the iPhone camera itself. The 12 and 13 Pro Max are quite sophisticated photo capturing devices.

Here is a collection of images captured by The Vauxon Record staff. Some inspired entries into the Creative page, and sometimes it was the other way around, and something written inspired the search for an image to go with it. It is rather funny how the two things can sometimes go hand in hand.

It has been said that even a broken clock is right twice a day. That is kind of what it is like with photography. It takes lot of patience, a lot of luck, good timing, and the ability to frame a shot well. Only then will you get what can be considered a great shot. The sense of satisfaction that comes with that execution can be euphoric. And it doesn’t happen often.

And that doesn’t even take into consideration the technical know-how to be able to get a good shot. That is something we at The Vauxon Record are sorely lacking in, and why we will never call ourselves photographers.

If you like any of the images, please get in touch with us to see about getting a print.